Cadillac Through The Years 2018

This was the largest show in its 13-year history. Get ready for the 14th Annual Cadillac Through the Years in April of 2019. Each year the Las Vegas Cadillac Club (their website can be found here) presents Cadillacs from every decade including new, used, classics, restored, modified and custom Cadillacs.

The club and this fantastic show is sponsored by Findlay Cadillac in Henderson. Together, the club and Findlay they bring you an up-close look at the past, present and even the future of Cadillacs.  A brand is known for its design and innovation within the automotive industry.

In 2018, the show drew its largest audience of more than 8,000 visitors and was covered by both Radio and TV  networks. The Cadillac Car Show is a much-anticipated event and we are excited to be looking forward to our 14th annual event where you and your family can view over 116 years of American history at its best.

Many of the owners belong to the national Cadillac & LaSalle Club and the Las Vegas Cadillac ClubThere are over 8,000 members internationally and more than 120 members in Las Vegas alone. 

It is truly a Cadillac enthusiast’s day out at Town Square with family and friends. It has turned into a Las Vegas tradition and visitors and tourists also enjoy all day festivities co-hosted by Findlay Cadillac, in the Valley Auto Mall and the Las Vegas Cadillac Club!

The Las Vegas Cadillac Club President, DR Rawson expects many more stellar events to come.  He said, “Year after year the show has continued to attract thousands of attendees and the 2018 Cadillac Through The Years was a wonderful experience for all those that attended!”

There was music, drawings, awards and tons of giveaways! The event is always FREE to attend. While there, people entered FREE drawings and watched the stage for Cadillac giveaways.

If there is one thing we know about the Cadillac Through The Years car show, it is that if you are not a classic Cadillac or new Cadillac owner, you will be in the near future! Cadillac’s transcend time, 116 years of time! DR Rawson added, “With such an amazing sponsor like John Saksa, General Manager of Findlay Cadillac, we will be able to grow and meet the needs of our community with every event. We’re looking forward to inviting everyone to our next car show, Cadillacs under The Starts (CTS). It’s a great family-friendly event with bounce houses, food trucks and even entertainment from the strip. Everyone is invited, everyone big and small, young and old to the Cadillacs under The Stars event held in the fall of 2019.

Cadillac Club Events

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Findlay Cadillac

Meet the co-host of the 2019 Cadillac Through The Years car show, the Findlay Cadillac family.

Register You Classic

Do you have a classic, restored or modified Cadillac? We are currently accepting registration for our 2019 show at Town Square, Las Vegas (Final date TBD).

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Cadillac Through The Years and hosts Findlay Cadillac and the Las Vegas Cadillac Club are looking forward to club members and non-members showcasing their Cadillacs from 1903 to the present day.

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Do you have a Cadillac? We are currently accepting registration for our 14th annual Cadillac Through The Years show at Town Square. Click here to register.

The 14th Annual Cadillac Through The Years, Classic Cadillac Car Show, will be held at Town Square Las Vegas.Save the date, Sunday April 28,2019. Stop by and view over 65 classic and restored Cadillacs. Town Square is located at 6605 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119. The annual car show is held in the park at Town Square. For more information about showing your Cadillac or membership in the Cadillac & LaSalle Club visit For more information about our sponsor, Findlay Cadillac visit