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Cadillac Through The Years


The Las Vegas Cadillac and LaSalle Club was formed in 1998. In 2005, we were fortunate to secure Findlay Cadillac in Henderson as our Club sponsor. It was in 2005 that the idea to hold an event called Cadillac Through The Years was born.

Its purpose is to bring those people living in the Henderson/Las Vegas and Pahrump communities together to view what’s often referred to as the cars that are “The Standard of the World.

Cadillac Corporation was formed in 1902 and the first cars, the Model A were produced in 1903. Today, those early cars are extremely rare, however, we have a member with a fully restored and working 1903 Cadillac living in Las Vegas. Over the years, the brand has created many firsts in the industry.

A self-starter, the V8, V12 and the V16 engines, power seats, windows and a host of “creature comforts.” In 1949, they came out with the very first overhead valve engine. And now you can see why Cadillac continues to be the leader in design and performance.

You’ll see new models and cars from every decade-plus, old and newer classics, fully restored and original cars, modified and custom. Everyone that owns a Cadillac has a vision for his or her beloved ride.

This is an event that shouldn’t be missed. The cars are available on Sunday the 29th of April at 10 am in the Town Square on Las Vegas Boulevard, to be viewed and you can talk with the owners and learn the back-story of the cars presented. For example, there will be two beautiful examples of some of Cadillac’s finest work. In one case the owner spent 5 years restoring his car. The other car was in restoration for over 7 years. Passion.

There will be something for everyone at this beautiful event. Awards and trophies will also be given for the decades, a V.I.P., a modified and ladies choice. We’ll also have some of the biggest names performing that perform in Las Vegas singing for those in attendance.

Please plan to attend and bring your family and friends for a full day of fun. Lots of pictures will be taken and later displayed on the clubs website.

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Las Vegas Cadillac Club



Our club is a qualified not-for-profit (charitable) organization.

Governance – Club Officers –

  • All officers and directors freely give of there time to serve the club’s members.
  • DR Rawson President/Director, National Representative
  • Gary Weaver Vice President/Assistant Director, CTTY Cars
  • Susan Story Treasurer, Holiday Party, and Registrar

Members of the Board

  • John Bergler – Cars and Coffee, Awards and Holiday Party
  • Colin Christie – Past President
  • Morris McGaughey – Founding Member
  • Hal Sheaks – Founding Member, Drop Tops Director
  • Carolyn Weaver – Newsletter Editor
  • Margaret Rawson-Webmaster
  • Rick Hawkins-Parliamentarian


  • Photographers/News Stories – Larry Rafferty, Jerry Robinson and DR Rawson
  • Google Coordinator – Rick Hawkins

Past Presidents:

  • 2016 to 2016 – Lauren Schweitzer (Partial year)
  • 2014 to 2016 – John (JB) Buchman
  • 2004 to 2014 – Colin Christie
  • 2001 to 2004 – Bernie Moen
  • 1999 to 2001 – Hal Sheaks

Cadillac Through The Years Sponsor

Las Vegas Cadillac Club is sponsored by Findlay Cadillac, let by its General Manager, John Saksa. We encourage you to select Findlay for your next new or used car, service or parts. Their customer service is award winning and we highly recommend them.

Findlay Cadillac Las Vegas