Our members are proud of their cars and they should be.  We have cars that are in the club from 1903 to present day.  Each is an example of Cadillac design and craftsmanship. 

Every time a member gets an award, it will be added to their AWARD POST.  In that way you can search for the member and all their awards will be there.
If you’re a member and you don’t find your name and the awards you’ve received for your car or see a picture of the car, please email:  Awards@LasVegasCLC.com.

One of the many benefits of being a member is to display your car at various events.  In April of 16, the Las Vegas Region hosted the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Grand National.  Several cars owned by our members received an award based on their class.  All awards for each of our members will be posted here.  Of course if a member doesn’t give us their award list, we can’t post them. Smile.

Awards Won